To begin new things is always the most difficult task. Today, it’s difficult to start my first post on this blog, because I am afraid to disappoint myself and people who believe in me; Today it’s difficult to start living with new year’s resolutions, because they weren’t mine – only inspiration of others; Today it’s difficult for me to start doing anything because I’m lazy, but tomorrow I will – because it matters to me.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

– Mark Twain

Today, I celebrate, because I’m writing my first post! In other words, I just drew the very first stroke of the community I will invite you to. The community for people who are looking for balance, certainty, straightforwardness and something easy to read but at the same time persuading to think deeper; For a person who adores good interior, vintage details, trying to look fashionable but most importantly to stick with its own style, always expanding boundaries and never labeling itself; for a person who is constantly LOOKING, because life is so confusing that sometimes you just do not know what you want – sweet potatoes or Bach’s “Toccata in d minor” on maximum sound. For a person like you – surfing the net and accidentally appearing by chance here at!

In fact, my name is Edgaras (or just Edgar), and the name of the blog is my surname (pronouncing as SH – Shotlandas, haha). On this lifestyle blog you can find categories such as food, traveling, reviews, of both – products and new places; weird and not always pleasant everyday’s reflections and more … anything that can bumb into head, mine or yours.

Meet me at my newest post! See you there!