toI’ve never liked to follow trends or fashion, I always choose things which I adore. I don’t really like “monthly favourite” thing, but this time I decided to make an exception and introduce my favourites of January. The decision was made because I feel that the best way to introduce myself – represent things I like and also recommend it to you. In this month’s favourites I’ll talk about books, movies, clothes, shows and music.

The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don’t have.

– Woody Allen

I will start with Haruki Murakami’s book “Norwegian Wood”. Actually I started my month with it. At the end of December, during the big holidays I started, and already in mid-January I finished reading this book. I’ll be honest, I’ve never liked reading, it seemed to be boring, requiring a lot of concentration, when meanwhile my mind is blowing with new ideas, thoughts and distracting topics, I’m such an oblivious person that could forget the sentence that was already read like two minutes ago, haha. However, the “Norwegian Wood” was the book, which not only showed me what it’s like to read a book with satisfaction, but also how to read books in general. Now you probably think I’m being dramatic, but no, one thing is to read long, twisted sentences, and another is to read a book. Reading for me was a real misery, I tried to analyse every word, I was looking for hidden meanings in every sentence, so sometimes I even had to read the sentence several times. But it’s in the past.

Currently, I enjoy reading books. In fact, the book “Norwegian Wood” itself is a real masterpiece. For those who did not read, I don’t want to spoil it, and those who already did – will agree. This month’s favourite book leads to my month’s favourite music!

This month’s favourite album is Rubber Soul by The Beatles. In the book “Norwegian Wood” you can find a lot of music artist and songs as well described in many situations. As soon as I started reading this book, I got this weird desire that every time the music changes in a storyline I  change it too, on Spotify. So by reading this book I listened to various music artist like Johann Sebastian Bach, Sarah Vaughan or Miles Davis but The Beatles has created the most cosiest auras. I listened to a lot of their songs, because they constantly played on the radio via Spotify, but every time the Norwegian Wood pop up, the whole book flew through my mind with all the stories and situations. And the song is in the album Rubber Soul that’s why it’s my favourite this month. You can listen it here!

This month’s favourite TV show is Black Mirror, although the End of the F ****** World series also was a great discovery, as well as second season of Riverdale. I highly recommend to watch them all: Black Mirror will make you feel a little unsafe because of technologies and media which surrounds us, and the End of the F ****** World series will make you laugh and cry, and most importantly, it makes you watch the whole season at a time, haha. Also, this series are packed with extraordinary cinematic scenes, colours, and unique actors. And of course Riverdale – the most popular teen drama with the American Next Top Model alike cast.

The favourite movie of this month’s – Insidious 4, which I watch at the cinema as soon as it came up. I love horror movies, and I always watch the new one at the cinema. The Insidious 4 movie was great, although I was expecting to be disappointed, because you know, it’s the fourth part of the movie and sometimes storylines become really messed up. For a brief description of the movie, I’m glad that I bought a mega pack of popcorns, at least I had something to cover my eyes with, haha.

And I’ll finish my favourites with clothes. I often create my outfit in my mind with some kind of specific colours. This time it was red one. Right after Christmas I wanted a bloody red sweater, a vintage one and even better if it comes with some kind of line on it (the lines are an important accent). I didn’t believe, but I found it. And not anywhere else, but in the thrift shop for only ONE EURO, even better than I had imagined! And in fact, whenever I want new (not literally) clothes I start with thrift shops.

For the help with photos, thanks for my personal photographer and a friend Deimante, follow her on instagram – @deimantedub!