January’s favourites

I’ve never liked to follow trends or fashion, I always choose things which I adore. I don’t really like “monthly favourite” thing, but this time I decided to make an exception and introduce my favourites of January. The decision was made because I feel that the best way to introduce myself – represent things I like and also recommend it to you. In this month’s favourites I’ll talk about books, movies, clothes, shows and music.

Favourite brunch place

I think the best way to start your blog is to share your favourites. Soon I will, but now – sneak peak of one of them – my favourite breakfast place! It’s not surprise that everyone loves delicious food. I especially crave bomb food on Sundays. On the last day of the week I’m super lazy so I choose the place I trust and I know I will always find the best choices!

Our beginnings

To begin is always the most difficult task. Today, it is difficult to start my first post on this blog, because I am afraid to disappoint myself and people who believe in me; Today it is difficult to start living with new year’s resolutions, because they weren’t mine – only inspiration of others; Today It is difficult for me to start doing anything because I’m lazy, but tomorrow I will – because it matters to me.

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